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          Dongtai, knitting co., LTD is located in dongtai tainan development zone in jiangsu province in China,Was established2010Years,Is one specialized is engaged in the touch screen gloves development and production of high-tech companies。Touch screen gloves is a let you in a cold environment XiaBuQu off the glove can manipulate touch-screen electronic products。And in the national trademark office to apply for registration "touch" "iphone" "A touch screen” The trademark。Products90%Exported to Japan South Korea The United States in Europe,The Japanese market share high。The main guests are JapaneseTOKYO,DAISO,TNF , KITTY ,Disney ,ANGRY BIRDS Wal-mart Auchan, etc。 The company aims to the good faith management。In line with science and technology first,People-oriented entrepreneurial orientation,Will spare no effort to service for our customers,Return society。Make the company to create greater social benefit,The company's very brilliant tomorrow。 Service Science and technology Human nature

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