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    In the last shipment!

  • Vibrating screen well,Send the goods!

    Vibrating screen well,Send the goods!

  • Vibrating feeder of commissioning!

    Vibrating feeder of commissioning!

  • Requirements:1、3Years of sales experience;2、Good communication skills,With team collaboration2018-04-24
  • Requirements:1、Experience with mechanical equipment operation;2、A sense of responsibility,Bear hardships and stand hard work;2018-04-24
  • Job requirements:1. Junior high school degree or above,Men and women there is no limit,Age18-35Years old;2018-04-24

  Xinxiang taihang vibrating machinery factory co., LTD is a generalMechanical vibrationThe development of、Production and manufacturing、Sales and service in one of professional manufacturers;ISO9001-2000International certification through the enterprise,Is the excellent manufacturer has won multiple progress prize in science and technology。Taihang vibration with advanced production process equipment、Detection means perfect、Good corporate reputation,Products throughout more than domestic provinces、The city、Autonomous region。Over the years,Successively with the domestic well-known industrial organization cooperation,Design and manufacture of long distance high temperature resistantConveyorVibrating feederHoistSpin vibration sieveLinear vibrating screenEfficient heavy-duty screen、Raw coal sizing screen、Circular vibration sizing screen、VibrationThe flour millVibration motor and a series of mechanical vibration,Has been in metallurgy、Chemical industry、Coal、Abrasive、Mine、Building materials、Food、Medicine、Light industry and other industries widely used,The product has a simple structure、Easy installation and maintenance、Less energy consumption、Low noise、High efficiency、Smooth vibration、Reliable performance, etc。Taihang vibration machinery co., LTD. Is located in the taihang mountains south Lu、Yellow River north city xinxiang,Beijing-guangzhou new Holland railway in this intersection;107National road runs through north and south,The factory set up in xinxiang leads to roads into the northwest of the people's road west,Here transportation is convenient、The geographical position is superior,Warmly welcome new and old customers to visit“Taihang vibration”To visit the guidance and business cooperation would be appreciated。

Xinxiang taihang vibration machinery co., LTD is a universal vibration machinery is developed、Production and manufacturing、Sales and service in one of professional manufacturers
  • Address: Xinxiang of henan province people's road west central100M
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  • The mailbox: thzdjx@126.com
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