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Our advantage

We are more professional foreign trade service

Service advantages

The most perfect service function,The financing function,Enjoy the policy support,Pooling resources,Bulk…

Platform edge

The six platforms:International trade services、Financing、Order to expand overseas、Personnel training, etc,The service of foreign capital enterprise

Enterprise qualification

Food business licenses
The entry and exit aquatic products
Imported fruit
The entry and exit meat qualification
The entry and exit food qualifications
The customsAEOCertification

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About us|ABOUT US

Xinhua kam group is in accordance with the government of shandong province“Promote the reform of provincial foreign trade enterprise restructuring”Strategic deployment,Joint province textile by xinhua kam group co., LTD、Process、The special skill、The base、Packaging five provincial foreign trade enterprises to form,Was established2002Years6Month。After,Group and managed the provincial foreign trade group。

At present, the group has immediate and holding companies132Home,Employees17900More than one,Involved in international trade business field、Financial investment、Star hotel、Culture collection、Real estate development and international logistics industry。

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