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Company profileShenyang hui JingYuanLin landscape engineering co., LTD,Set of greening landscape construction、The landscape design、Road construction、Nursery stock supply in the integration of professional firms。The company has gardens municipal level 3 qualification,The nursery200Mu。Business scope including the botanical garden afforestation construction、The landscape design、Road construction、Virescence maintenance、Nursery stock supplies sales, etc。The existing staff100More than one,Including all kinds of professional and technical personnel30More than,Garden machinery50余台。Can undertake park、The streets、The school、Square and other enterprises and institutions of greening construction and maintenance management related services such as gardens。Main partners are the Olympic sports center、Tongfang miyoshi street square、Pujiang royal lagoon1Period2Period3Period、Chessboard hill villa、Treasure international、Liaoning university、Dandong square、Muddy south road、Whole village landscape engineering and so on。Welcome the from all walks of life have a demand of enterprises and institutions of consultation and cooperation。...

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Contact usThe phone: 13804036066
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