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    Haimen its klingbeil instrument manufacturing co., LTD

    Located in the yellow sea、The Yangtze river estuary,And Shanghai,“The national health city”、“The counties in the country(The city)” Within the territory。Is a professional manufacturer of laboratory equipment co., LTD,Its products enjoy high reputation in the field of domestic scientific research,For a long time,The company in line with me“Quality makes satisfaction”The service idea,With the universities、Scientific research institutes work closely。Make the products continuously improve、Constantly updated,Hard in pursuit of zero defect products。
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          ·  Decolorizing table series
          ·  Vortex mixer series
          ·  The palm of your hand、Mini centrifuge series
          ·  Infrared vaccination sterilizer
          ·  Constant temperature heating platform
          ·  Magnetic stirrer series
          ·  Dry type thermostat series
          ·  High speed disperser
          ·  Mini desktop vacuum pump series
          ·  SpinSeries of incubators
          ·  Roller type blending
          ·  Ultraviolet analyzer series
          ·  MPP oscillator series
          ·  Rotary table series
          ·  Become warped board table、Tube mixer
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          Address:Haimen kirin first purple post new horse town industrial park west road52Number
          The phone:0513-82707860、82707780、82701180
          Fax:0513-82703912   Zip code:226125

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