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About us
Yongkang Wallace's industry and trade co., LTD,Located in yongkang city, zhejiang province---The hardware of the township,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient。Our company is a professional elevator manufacturing enterprises,Mainly the production of various kinds of aluminum alloy ladder at present,Set design、Research and development、Production、The sale is a body。Company product range covers is rich,Including household ladder、Multi-function ladder、Industrial ladder、The workbench、Bamboo ladder、Single straight ladder, etc,For household cleaning、Decoration and engineering decoration to provide professional quality services。Our company with international advanced technology as the standard,Adhering to the“Good faith for this、Win-win cooperation”Business enterprise aim,Focus on improving product quality and service,Actively

Product display
Multi-function folding ladder / Household ladder / Telescopic ladder / Straight ladder / The combination of ladder / Aluminum alloy scaffolding ladder /More classification
The product name:The single side、ASurface、Joints and telescopic ladder/Bamboo..
Telescopic ladder
The product name:2 drag combination ladder/Stretch of ladder
The combination of ladder
The product name:Herringbone ladder figure of eight
Multi-function folding ladder
The product name:Household ladder
Household ladder
The product name:Aluminum alloy scaffolding ladder
Aluminum alloy scaffolding ladder
The product name:Three combination ladder/Stretch of ladder
The combination of ladder
The product name:Thickening of large joints
Multi-function folding ladder
The product name:Standard small joints
Multi-function folding ladder
New Case
Household ladder choose what brand is good

Year end almost immediately,For all the family,Home cleaning and hygiene work must go through。This little not rub the glass in the middle of the work,Overhead light,Take care of droplight。These workers..

Use the ladder should comply with the regulations of what

Use the ladder should conform to the requirement of what?We will read below。(1)Before work should put the ladder was stable。The appropriate Angle of the ladder and the ground is60°The top should be built with..

Not only can be used to climb the wall The original ladder can also..

Type automatic staircase made two root increased oil pressure and electric putter to control the door plank,Make the door plank easily open and close automatically;At the same time the motor on the electric putter has self-locking function,Don't make the door..

The ladder safe use requirements

1、Movable ladder is suitable for the height4Meters below the work can be accomplished in a short period of time,The ladder to check before use。2、The ladder rail gap is commonly30Cm,An Angle with the ground..

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