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    The fog seal materialEmulsified asphaltFilling and glueCold construction materialsWaterproof coatingCrack in asphalt emulsifier
    In the crackZT-CZ1Asphalt emulsifierIn the crackZT-CZ1Asphalt emulsifierIn the crackZT-CZ2Asphalt emulsifierIn the crackZT-CZ2Asphalt emulsifierFYTRoad and bridge waterproof coatingFYTRoad and bridge waterproof coatingCold patch asphalt additivesCold patch asphalt additivesCationic emulsified asphaltCationic emulsified asphaltFog seal adhesive materialsFog seal adhesive materialsRubber asphalt filling glueRubber asphalt filling gluePBType of road and bridge waterproof coatingPBType of road and bridge waterproof coating
    The company provide construction materials,Construction equipment,Construction services, such as one-stop service allows you to save worry save time
    One stop service allows you to save time
    In shandong university,Southeast university and other colleges and universities more advanced technology as the backing,Has a modern laboratory products
    Technical support in Colleges and Universities
    The company has the advanced construction equipment and mature construction technology for years
    Advanced equipment mature technology
    Strong production capacity,Annual sales reached2000Tons
    Annual sales reached more than 2000 tons
    The company has in the shan high-speed、Shing chengyu expressway、Jinyang expressway、G107National highway construction, etc
    A number of key projects
    Professional after-sale team,Provide customers with perfect after-sales support and a full range of technical support
    Professional after sales team
    Zhengtong construction projectConstantly absorbing domestic and foreign high and new technology,Cycle continuously introduce new research and development of scientific and technological achievements,Meet the demand of new markets and customers。To view more
    • Irrigation project
    • Fiber technology synchronized crushed stone seal layer
    • Fiber micro table place technology
    • Sand fog seal layer construction
    • The fog sealing layer construction
    • The micro table place construction
    • Crushed stone seal layer construction
    • Bridge deck waterproof construction
    • The digging holes trough gunning repair technology
    • Slurry seal construction
    • Cape seal layer construction
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    Zhengtong construction equipmentZhengtong asphalt has always been to provide customers with more satisfied products and serviceszhengtong equipment
    • Emulsified asphalt testing machine
    • SBSModified bitumen emulsion equipment
    • The micro table place mineral aggregate screening machine
    • Slurry seal machine paving box
    • Asphalt colloid mill
    • The tractor type power road surface cleaning machine
    • Stone and cloth
    • Synchronized crushed stone seal machine
    • Slurry seal machine
    • Simple asphalt distributor
    • Asphalt heating tank
    • Emulsified asphalt production equipment
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    The Mid-Autumn festival holiday notice

            Xinxiang asphalt technology co., LTD is the Mid-Autumn festival holiday arrangement:&……【For details】
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    about us
    Xinxiang zhengtong asphalt technology co., LTD. Is a collection of scientific research、Production、Sales in the integration of technology companies。The company always adhere to the market-oriented,With science and technology innovation for development,Adhering to the“The development of win-win cooperation concept。In the advanced construction equipment and construction technology of mature successively in the high-speed and shaanxi、Shing chengyu expressway、Jinyang expressway、Very high speed、Chengyu expressway、Gaoling high speed、Two wide high speed、Big wide high-speed、Cassia three high speed、Chongqing rong road、With high speed、G107National highway construction, etc,And with good construction quality and working efficiency by owners and project department。Push the cause road highway in our country,To the green environmental protection、A new era of sustainable development。The company since its establishment,Has been cooperation with the domestic many colleges and universities,Constantly learning new technology,......……【For details】
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